Clearing the Hill fort

I am helping, along with other volunteers, to clear the dense overgrowth of Hawthorne, Blackthorn, Bracken, Nettle & Brambles that have grown up on the side of the south facing rampart and in the ditch below over the last couple of decades. We began work in October 2015 and we will cease work here before the end of March 2016 when the birds start nesting. This task can only be undertaken between those winter months, so we will resume the task in October 2016. We started work at the eastern end of the Hill Fort and have already cleared a considerable amount of the rampart as can be seen from the photographs of the brash that is piled up at the rampart ditch. Some of the younger trees will also be felled typically Ash, Hazel and Holly, but the selection of which trees to fell will be dependant upon the impact that removal will have on the structure of the rampart. Some trees will be retained because they are veteran trees that support priority listed invertebrates. It has been estimated that it will take us about five years to get the job done, so there’ll be more about this in the future.

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John Parsons