Tree Planting in Croft Wood

The last week of January saw us all planting trees up in Croft Wood.
Compartment 1With almost 600 trees to plant out we were in on three consecutive days in an attempt to finish the job. There is a quite specific map of what has to be planted and where. If you go up there you will see many compartments of different sizes. The long term aim is to return the area to woodland pasture; the commercial plantation was harvested over a year ago, this however did not leave the ground clear of the side branches and tree stumps, because of this digging is made very difficult and the process of digging a hole, planting a sapling knocking in a supporting stake and putting on a protective tree guard is not always as simple as might be expected.Compartment 2 There is however something very satisfying about planting out trees that will, I’m sure, still be standing just below the Hill Fort in 3 to 4 hundred years time.
We have been planting standard tree:- Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Beech, Yew, Hornbeam, Lime, Maple, Wild Cherry.
We have also planted out what are designated shrub trees such as:- Hawthorn, Birch, Sycamore, Elder, Holly, Rowan, Ash and others.
In another ten years or so it will look less like the Somme and more like the Wood Pasture of the past.

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John Parsons