The Fishpool Valley renovation project began in 2017 with an immense amount of planning and involvement with a wide range of agencies. Our part as volunteer rangers has been to support wherever we can, to help keep within budget. One aspect of this involvement has been to prepare some of the building structures prior to the specialist contractors starting their work.

De-vegetation was quite simply removing as much of the vegetation that has accumulated on and around the Ice House, The Lime Kiln and the Grotto. At the Lime Kiln site a considerable amount of brash had to be removed before we could even get close to the kiln.

Prior to us beginning the work the structures had been surveyed to look for sign of any bats using the Lime Kiln and Grotto and we were also trying to get the job done before the birds start using the structures as nesting sites. The structures also had to be made safe enough for us to work on.

Once we were given the go ahead to start the date was set and then down came the snow! It was pretty cold on the day we started but as is always the case the Croft Ranger Volunteers we got down to it and had the job completed in a day and a half.

We spent thee half days on de-vegetation. (There are a few other things in the parkland we need to keep on top of!)


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John Parsons