• Monitoring the Condition of the Woodland

    Summer brings an increase in visitors to the parkland and for us as rangers a change of pace in regard to what we are able to do; we are on what industry would term ‘reduced hours’. Until almost the end of August all of our activity is low key maintenance…

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  • Keeping You Posted

    The Postmen & Postwomen of the Parkland. Over the past few years as a group of volunteers, we have been renewing and replacing way-marker posts and signs in order to make the walks in the parkland easier to follow. In fact we have been doing this so frequently we have…

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  • Separating the wood from the trees.

    Much of the work we do as ranger volunteers is related to helping to maintain the woodland. Throughout the parkland there are numerous ancient and veteran trees, interestingly all have been tagged and their positions recorded in recent times; when looking at old maps of the estate there is evidence…

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  • Special Places

    For me the parkland at croft castle is a special place, there are so many different aspects to the landscape, different environments, all to be found within the boundary of the parkland. It is however quite special for many others too. The Parkland’s significance as ‘special’ is indicated by two…

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  • This Year’s Calves -2017

    One of the delights of working in the parkland at Croft for me is the presence of the cattle. Much of the parkland is also the grazing pasture for home farm. I sometime feel that the farm just sits amidst the traffic of visitors getting on peacefully with rural life…

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  • The Names of the Fields and Areas at Croft

    Not long after I began my volunteering as a ‘Ranger’; (I was never too sure about the name, it sounded a bit too American but then maybe it’s better than the original name we had i.e. ‘warden’ a name that prison officers were once called.) anyway, I was given a map…

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  • Just where do we start?

    Croft Castle sits in 1400 acres of Herefordshire Parkland. For many years the parkland itself was managed by a handful of full time rangers;  at the time they were called wardens. Management then was undertaken in what you might call a reactive manner, the Rangers would attend to what ever urgent work was needed at any one of…

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  • First Impression

    This is Croft Castle it stands in about 1400 acres of parkland. There is a spirit about Croft that draws you in, its long history is fascinating but even more so from my point of view are the ancient and veteran trees. The renowned ‘Quarry Oak’ could be as much…

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  • The Avenues at Croft

    Croft is also renowned for its avenues of trees the view here is looking west along the Lime Avenue planted in the 1960’s to replace the original Lime Avenue which lined the original drive to the castle. The most notable avenue is the sweet chestnut avenue with it’s links to…

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