• The Grotto Pool Cascade 2

    This is just an addition to the previous post this one is about the reassembly of the Grotto Pool Cascade. Once all the measuring and recording of information was complete, it was time to hand it over the the guys who were going to put it all back together. Recognising…

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  • The Grotto Pool Cascade

    The Grotto overlooks a large grassy bank, as you walked past prior to 2017, you might not have be aware that the behind the bank there was once a large pool, fed by springs tumbling down through the gullies further up the valley. I will call this the Grotto Pool. Hidden,…

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  • What’s in a Stew

    An answer could well be Carp for it seem that ‘ a stew’ might well be a smaller pool supplied with clear fresh running water, where Carp are purged to rid them of the muddy taste you get if you cook them straight from a pool, pond or lake .…

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  • Naming of The Pools

    There are several maps that show the Pools in the Fishpool Valley. The earliest we have found is of a date that is not exact but is in the late 18th century about 1790. An extract of this 18th century map appears to show eight bodies of water or pools.…

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  • The Grotto

    The Grotto at the top end of the valley overlooks the uppermost pool. It seems that the upper portion of the valley has been developed as the most likely pleasure area during what is described as the Picturesque Landscape Period of the late 18th and early 19th century. The Dam…

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  • 13th Century Fishpool Dingle

    The Fishpool Valley has a fascinating history of woodland industry that has provided both food and a source of income for centuries. In more recent history it became a pleasure ground and today it is home to rare and protected flora and fauna. The name Fishpool has a long history,…

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