• The Summer House

    An archaeological survey undertaken in 2001/2 identified the existence of what was indicated on a map as a ‘Summer House’. It wasn’t until the Fishpool Valley Project got underway and specific walk routes stared to be cleared that the Summer House site was uncovered. Closer archaeological investigation in the summer…

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  • Tragedy in the Fishpool Valley.

    This Spring (2019) it seemed to me that the Ash Trees were very late and struggling to come into leaf. By late Summer it was evident that Ash Dieback had really taken a hold and infected the majority of the trees in the Valley. Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea) is predicted…

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  • The Grotto Pool Restoration

    Before work began on the major part of the restoration, we spent several weeks in February clearing trees that had been clear felled from the base of what was once pool seven, long since drained. Contractors had carried out the tree felling. We were left to collect up the fallen…

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  • Conduit House in October 2019

    As summer advanced the flow of water into the conduit house reduced and finally stopped however after several days of heavy rain in early October it was thought a visit to the Conduit House would be interesting to see if there was any indication of springs that fed into the…

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  • Making Cleft Chestnut Gates

    Part of the Fishpool Valley Project is the intention to introduce sheep back into the valley to graze and therefore help keep the vegetation under control. This will require a large part of the valley to be stock fenced. Wherever the fencing crosses a track or path in the valley…

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  • DE-Vegetation

    The Fishpool Valley renovation project began in 2017 with an immense amount of planning and involvement with a wide range of agencies. Our part as volunteer rangers has been to support wherever we can, to help keep within budget. One aspect of this involvement has been to prepare some of…

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  • The Lost Valley

    Buried beneath the foliage of the Fishpool Valley lies a forgotten history, a landscape that has been both playground and workshop for people of an era long since past. Nature has won back the landscape; as perhaps it always will, where man has lost interest or moved on to exploit…

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  • A plan that has come to fruition

    Back in December 2015 I did an article called Clear Felling Croft Wood; this was part of a long term plan for the restoration of the woods at Croft. The initial proposal for this work was set out in 2010. The proposal was I believe based upon the documentary evidence…

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  • Felling the Lime Tree Avenue

    The Lime Avenue running through the centre of West Park was planted in about 1960. The individual trees stand seven meters apart and throughout the summer attract the bees from nearby hives. Over the last few years a number of these trees have become diseased and one by one they…

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  • Tree Planting in Croft Wood

    The last week of January saw us all planting trees up in Croft Wood. With almost 600 trees to plant out we were in on three consecutive days in an attempt to finish the job. There is a quite specific map of what has to be planted and where. If…

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