• Clearing the Hill fort

    I am helping, along with other volunteers, to clear the dense overgrowth of Hawthorne, Blackthorn, Bracken, Nettle & Brambles that have grown up on the side of the south facing rampart and in the ditch below over the last couple of decades. We began work in October 2015 and we will…

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  • Clear Felling Croft Wood

    For many decades the skyline at croft has been tree lined with coniferous species; much of this has been commercial forestry owned by the Forestry Commission who have a lease on about 700 acres of the Croft Estate. The current trend throughout the country is to reduce the amount of conifer and…

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  • Improving Accessability

    When I began volunteering here in 2010, there seemed to be a never ending list of routine jobs that needed doing; as we, a small group of regular volunteers, became more familiar with the 1400 acres of woodland, we began to recognise just how neglected the parkland had become. Whilst working we…

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